The Montreux Casino goes online

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The Montreux Casino goes online

The Montreux Casino goes online

While the online gaming market has been liberalized in Switzerland for 3 years now, the Casino Barrière de Montreux has finally decided to launch its own online platform. Indeed, this mythical establishment has become the eleventh legal online casino in Switzerland to obtain a license issued by the Swiss Federal Gaming Commission.

Let's discover the reasons that can explain this rather important delay.

A license obtained last year

It was on January 1, 2019 that the new law on gaming came into force in Switzerland. While it is one of the most restrictive at the international level, it still allows land-based casinos to enter the online gaming market. To do so, they simply need to obtain a license from the Federal Gaming Commission.

The Montreux Casino

The Federal Gaming Commission has already issued 11 licenses, the first 6 of which were issued in 2019. Then there were 3 in 2020. Finally, last year, 2 were transferred: one to the Grand Casino Basel and the other to the Casino Barrière de Montreux.

The latter took a little more time to refine its platform. It is now finally ready. By the way, the first game that was announced in the casino was a Teen Patti online.

About twenty people recruited

Today, there is no longer any need to go through the doors of the Casino Barrière de Montreux to play its slot machines. In fact, recently, all you have to do is simply log on to the Internet to enjoy yourself. On Thursday, January 13th, the online casino was launched on the web. For the time being, the site has 80 games of all kinds. To launch it and make it work, about twenty people have been hired.

If the establishment of the Barrière group took 3 years before finally launching its online casino, it is because it preferred to be very attentive to what it was going to propose, mainly with regard to the protection of the players.

In addition, he took the time necessary to comply with the requirements of the Federal Gaming Commission. Indeed, the concession for its land-based casino is up for renewal at the end of 2024. So, in order to keep its concession, it has done everything possible to secure this new service.

One of the most prestigious casinos in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the countries with the most land-based casinos in relation to its surface area and is very popular with gamblers. At the moment, it has about twenty of them. Among them, the Casino Barrière de Montreux is one of the most prestigious.

Its fire on December 4, 1971 inspired the band Deep Purple to write their famous song Smoke on the Water. Moreover, its mythical recording studio has seen artists such as David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, and Queen.

To delight the players, the Casino Barrière de Montreux can count on more than 380 slot machines and about thirty traditional tables. There is also an electronic English roulette.